Artesian Continues to Refine Sales Intelligence Platform with New AI-Powered Capabilities

Artesian Solidifies Position as a Market Leader in Sales Intelligence Thanks to Ground Breaking New Capabilities

Artesian Solutions, a leading AI-powered sales intelligence tools maker has launched a range of new capabilities for the dynamic sales tech industry. The AI-driven services from Artesian would now equip client-facing teams with the resources they need to succeed in a modern commercial environment.

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Speaking about the performance improvements, Steve Borthwick, Chief Technology Officer at Artesian said, “We constantly feed back into our engineering team the learnings, preferences, and needs of our customers, and in return they always deliver robust, superior performance enhancements that not only accelerate our R&D programme but solidify our position as the market leader in sales intelligence software.”

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Steve added, “We’ve boosted the performance and accuracy of the Artesian platform across the board, improving raw speed and our ability to handle a significant number of simultaneous users, as well as optimizing their ability to uncover those all-important golden nuggets of sales insight.”

Taking advantage of recent advances in technology and distributed processing techniques, Artesian’s customers are achieving —

  • 25x increase in the amount of historical content for advanced analysis and research
  • 5x increase in raw speed of news query engines, ensuring they get complex results faster than ever

The new capabilities and resulting performance improvements have come to fruition following a complete overhaul of the core of Artesian’s product, including —

Search Performance Improvements

Artesian has migrated its core news and social-media storage technology to ‘Elasticsearch’. This has enabled it to dramatically scale up server capacity, boost the performance of its advanced architecture, and provided the ability to analyze, filter and deliver results from raw unstructured data. Search results that previously took 10 seconds now take just 10 milliseconds

More Accurate Sales Triggers

New scoring and ranking algorithms enable customers to fine-tune their sales-trigger results even further. This improves the accuracy and relevance of results and ensures customers never miss an opportunity.

Improved Capacity

Alongside the core platform changes, Artesian has also implemented some improved caching and load-balancing technology. This has resulted in the technology is capable of handling 10x the number of concurrent users, whilst ensuring performance remains snappy – a vital step as Artesian continues to grow its business.

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Currently, Artesian is a powerful AI driven service that drives action based on the data, real-time insight and context needed to find customers, create meaningful engagements, sell more and create long-lasting business relationships.

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