AtScale Expands Semantic Layer Solution for Microsoft Excel

AtScale expands integrations with Microsoft Excel enabling high-performance, multi-dimensional analysis on live cloud data

 AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today announced deeper integration with Microsoft Excel’s advanced analytic functions.

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AtScale makes it possible to connect Excel workbooks to live cloud data platforms, including Snowflake, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Databricks. Excel users can work with billions of rows of data without the need for extraction or moving data. Leveraging native MDX integration, the AtScale semantic layer is fully accessible with Excel PivotTables, Slicers, and Cell Definitions. New support includes the ability to work with cell-level CUBE functions for embedding dimensional queries directly in cell formulas.

“Microsoft Excel is the de facto analytics tool for analysts globally,” said David Mariani, CTO, and founder of AtScale. “Our strategy at AtScale has always been to let analysts interact with governed enterprise data through a semantic layer, using data visualization and analysis tools of their choice. More than half of our customers leverage Excel in addition to traditional BI or AI/ML platforms in their analytics and data science programs.”

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Key capabilities of AtScale’s integration with Excel include:

  • Native Connection – AtScale’s MDX-based connector lets Excel users access models and data through a semantic layer, with no additional drivers or client-side software. AtScale shields data consumers from the complexity of raw data structures and cloud access with a business-oriented, dimensional model, discoverable through Excel PivotTables and CUBE functions.
  • Performant Access to Live Cloud Data – Data requests through AtScale’s semantic layer are directed in real-time to underlying cloud data platforms, with no need for extracts or pre-processing of data. Leveraging AI-assisted data orchestration, AtScale optimizes query performance while minimizing cloud resource consumption.
  • Analytics Governance and Security – AtScale supports Excel’s single sign-on with Active Directory / LDAP integration to manage access control and ensure overall data security.
  • Automatic Data Refresh – AtScale supports Excel’s automatic data refresh to avoid stale data and the need to manually copy and paste raw data.

AtScale lets enterprise data and analytics teams scale their operations and pursue a self-service data culture. With Excel being the ultimate self-service analytics tool, AtScale provides a level of control and governance that lets analysts confidently interact with data. The AtScale semantic layer forms a consistent set of enterprise metrics and analysis dimensions, accessible from common BI tools including Tableau and Power BI, as well as from data science tools including AutoML platforms and Python Notebooks. The ability to centrally maintain a governed set of metrics reduces manual data prep time, eliminates inconsistencies across reports, and enables reusability of models.

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