SAVO Introduces Dynamic Data Integration

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Easy integration of Real-Time Data into Custom Sales Assets

SAVO Group, provider of the most complete sales enablement solution, announced the launch of Dynamic Data to enable easy integration of real-time data into custom sales assets.  The Dynamic Data capability allows rapid integration to external and internal data sources, automating the generation of customized documents with real-time data from sources such as Morningstar and Salesforce.

SAVO launched Dynamic Data early in 2017, allowing custom documents to be continuously updated with dynamic data.  This removes the manual process of adding up-to-date data into documents.  The new capability enables faster integration for more widespread use.  Sellers, for example, can easily produce QBR presentations reflecting current Salesforce reports for internal meetings – or current market prices in financial pitch decks.

Jason Liu
Jason Liu

“Our commitment is to continuous improvement with a goal of providing on-going innovation. SAVO has offered this service to customers for years, productized it at the start of 2017 and has now enhanced it to make access and use easier,” said Jason Liu, CEO, SAVO Group.

Data can be pulled in from any data source, including both internal and external, third party systems and is a fully customizable and easy to manage experience – while still leveraging SAVO’s wizard driven approach to content creation and customization.

“We’re focused on introducing or upgrading capabilities using a framework familiar and intuitive to our large install base of blue-chip customers. Customers have been using this capability for years and expanded integration allows for rapid expansion in a familiar context – especially for financial services pitchbooks and internal sales reports,” said Jeremy Schultz, EVP, Strategy, SAVO Group.

Recently, the SAVO Group also announced the launch of a new reporting and analytics platform as part of its Sales Content Pro and Smarter Content line of products. Built on the sales enablement expertise of SAVO’s experience in working with world-class customers, the new platform integrates best practices and provides deeper insights, stronger visual displays, more granular data and better flexibility.

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