Simmons Research Launches ‘Instant Edge’

New Solution Enables Rapid Brand Differentiation and Strategy Realignment by Pinpointing Key Market Trends and Unique Audience Segments

Simmons Research, the leading source of essential consumer intelligence, announced the launch of Instant Edge, a do-it-yourself, proprietary insights generator.

Built on the Simmons Insights platform, Instant Edge is powered by a do-it-yourself survey to quickly probe emerging trends and current consumer sentiments. The results are then instantly fused with Simmons’ National Consumer Study, featuring over two hundred thousand consumer attributes, creating actionable, nationally representative target audiences. Accessible within Simmons’ Brand Catalyst, marketers can leverage these proprietary insights to quickly create in-depth consumer profiles that drive brand differentiation and strategy realignment.

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“Our clients strive to create rapid advantage over competitors through proprietary consumer insights and a fast understanding of relevant trends. With Instant Edge they can do this on demand.” said Andrew Feigenson, CEO at Simmons Research. “Instant Edge represents the continuation of Simmons’ reinvention as a rapid insights company.”

Marketers, agencies and media companies can use Instant Edge to:

  • Respond to a brand crisis by measuring the direct and indirect impact of an event on the brand itself, its competitors, and the category, identifying opportunities to conquest and to defend.
  • Generate unique and proprietary insights that help sales teams win big pitches.
  • Influence conversations by tracking effectiveness of messaging, packaging, and promotions, and their impact on brand consideration and purchases.

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  • Measure consumer reactions to new show lineups, apps, games, eSports, and their associated marketing.
  • Get the voice of the consumer quickly, by profiling viewers of new shows, games, and seasons, pre- and post-airing.

“Our clients often hire research companies to run custom projects and to develop segmentation schemes. This usually takes weeks.” said Steven Millman, Chief Data Scientist at Simmons Research. “With Instant Edge, we’ve brought the process down to 90-minutes.”

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