Symphony RetailAI Vice President Named a Recipient of Food Logistics 2022 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain Award

With more than 20 years of experience in grocery and supply chain, Troy Prothero is recognized for his ability to anticipate retailers’ business needs and his passion for digital transformation

Symphony RetailAI, a leading global provider of integrated AI-powered marketing, merchandising and supply chain solutions for FMCG retailers and manufacturers, announced that Troy Prothero, Vice President Product Management, Supply Chain Solutions, has been named a winner of Food Logistics’ 2022 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award. The annual award from Food Logistics recognizes influential individuals in the industry whose achievements, hard work and vision have shaped the global cold food supply chain.

Food Logistics noted that “these rock stars (have) developed platforms, integrated automation, and led teams through disruption after disruption.” Prothero joined Symphony RetailAI in Sept. 2021 to lead the supply chain product team, and has already helped dozens of grocery retailers to see incremental profitable growth through AI-enabled supply chain innovation.

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“these rock stars (have) developed platforms, integrated automation, and led teams through disruption after disruption.”

Prothero is an industry leader with a successful track record leading product strategy for retail supply chains. Having started in the industry as a produce clerk, Prothero has been involved in grocery retail throughout his life, providing him with a clear understanding of the industry’s unique supply chain needs. With a career spanning retail and technology companies, Prothero has been at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge data-sharing technology for retailers, advocating the importance of data ingestion, cleansing and harmonization, as well as business intelligence tools and analytics. Prothero understands how end-to-end integrated solutions can help retailers identify, initiate and execute on opportunities for serving their customers while structuring businesses for long-term health.

“I’m honored to be named a supply chain ‘Rock Star,’ especially because I see my role as being the eyes and ears of our grocery retail customers,” said Troy Prothero, Vice President Product Management, Supply Chain Solutions, Symphony RetailAI. “I love what I do. I get the opportunity to innovate on a daily basis, and to find optimal solutions for retailers to streamline their processes to better serve their shoppers. As supply chains become more complex in support of omnichannel retailing, it’s key that retailers have seamless end-to-end visibility, from supplier to warehouse to store, all the way to the customer. I’m excited to continue working alongside retailers to anticipate their needs, identify the technologies relevant to solving their evolving supply chain issues and bring those solutions to market.”

Symphony RetailAI’s AI-powered demand forecasting solution allows retailers to identify potential problems early, and to collaborate with partners more effectively and proactively to head off supply chain shortages. Furthermore, Symphony RetailAI’s optimized forecasting and replenishment solutions have led retailers to achieve up to a 35% reduction in inventory, 40% improvement in productivity, and 80% reduction in out-of-stock items.

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