True Influence Launches OpportunityBASE, Part of Its InsightBASE API Layered Platform, to Deliver High-Quality Leads With a Global Reach for B2B Marketers

OpportunityBASE Provides Enhanced Functionality for the Company’s ContentLEADS, TeleLEADS, and BehaviorLEADS, Helping Businesses Accelerate Their Sales Revenue

True Influence, the technology leader of intent-based marketing and lead generation solutions, announced OpportunityBASE, a new component of the company’s InsightBASE API layered platform that produces valuable content syndication leads from 490 million B2B decision-makers around the world. When used in conjunction with the company’s ContentLEADS, TeleLEADS, and BehaviorLEADS software, B2B marketers can generate the kind of leads they demand in an extremely efficient manner that accelerates sales revenue.

“True Influence is committed to a global customer service experience that provides the quality and quantity of demand generation that our customers require”

OpportunityBASE was designed to reduce the turn-around time for quality leads by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s demand generation services. The product’s powerful analytics and audience segmentation tools pinpoint exactly the right audience for specific content in world markets including the US and Canada, EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Additionally, True Influence’s InsightBASE intent monitoring solution can add an additional layer of market intelligence to identify prospects who are actively researching a solution, ensuring a company’s message arrives at the precise time those prospects are ready to buy.

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“True Influence is committed to a global customer service experience that provides the quality and quantity of demand generation that our customers require,” said Brian Giese, CEO, True Influence. “Our systematic approach for gathering and reviewing customer feedback permits us to see shifts in the perception of our service and act on that feedback as customer expectations change.”

True Influence understands the importance of ensuring quality demand generation to potential customers. OpportunityBASE utilizes the company’s TripleCheck lead verification system to ensure uncompromising accuracy in delivering the highest quality business demand generation programs.

Another True Influence customer says, “they have a community of great buyers and influencers, and a deep knowledge of best practices and methodologies to help today’s progressive demand-generation professionals,” said Christine Simonini, director of Enterprise & Vertical Demand Generation at DocuSign.

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OpportunityBASE key features include

  • Usability and Design – user-friendly design and responsive interface that takes fewer clicks to work within the program
  • Audit Trail – audit trail for orders and allocations that allows easy tracking of changes
  • Order Management – single-click view of demand generation performance at the order level, as well as programs in a different status
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities – accurate forecasting and margin reports for all demand generation programs
  • Customer-Salesperson Mapping – salesperson assignment at the customer level, multiple reps on one account, and product line mapping for accurate sales commission reporting

“In today’s fiercely competitive marketing environment, obtaining a high-quality demand generation program continues to be one of the biggest challenges that companies face as they strive to increase sales revenue,” said Giese. “With OpportunityBASE, we’ve developed software that makes it easy to provide quality services with a global reach in a full-proof, extremely efficient manner.”

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