VTEX Announces Products to Elevate Commerce Experiences

During VTEX DAY, one of the biggest digital commerce events in the world, VTEX is announcing products to help its customer’s maximize sales and increase operational margins

VTEX, the composable and complete commerce platform for premier B2C and B2B brands, is set to unveil its latest suite of products poised to shape the future of commerce at VTEX DAY. The event, ranked among the largest digital commerce events worldwide, will attract 20,000 in-person participants per day, underscoring the formidable extension of the VTEX ecosystem that counts with more than 6,000 VTEX IO extensions created by third parties, 1,000 SIs and ISVs, 330 marketplaces, 180 payments solutions and 90 logistics companies, among others. With over 100 sponsors and 8 stages hosting over 100 hours of content, it promises an unparalleled experience. The on-stage announcement will precede the comprehensive digital product showcase, VTEX Vision, scheduled for April 23, 2024.

In a high interest rate environment all over the world, retailers and brands need to be equipped with the proper tools to maximize organic sales channels and increase their margins. The products announced today tackle this tactical challenge. Renowned for its commitment to elevating customer experiences, developer workflows, and conversion rates, VTEX will showcase strategies for B2B and B2C enterprises to optimize their commerce platforms and amplify their ROI. VTEX will leverage cutting-edge innovations to uncover fresh new audiences and insights, enabling its customers to achieve more impactful consumer engagement. The product announcements at VTEX DAY, which will be included in our VTEX Vision Spring 2024 product showcase, include:

  • VTEX FastStore Update: revolutionizing store creation and evolution with unparalleled performance and adaptability. FastStore consists of three core products: (i) FastStore Framework, offering a suite of commerce-optimized UI components, code libraries, and integrations; (ii) FastStore WebOps, a comprehensive front-end platform with performance metrics, automated checks, and a robust serving layer powered by a global edge network; and (iii) Headless CMS, a powerful yet user-friendly content management system empowering content teams to manage updates independently. Currently available for B2C storefronts, FastStore will also be available for B2B, unlocking features like custom catalogs and contract pricing.
  • FastCheckout: using elements of FastStore, the offer allows multiple features aimed at reducing cart abandonment rates and improving overall conversion for retailers to seamlessly integrate with VTEX Headless CMS.
  • VTEX Ad Network: leveraging VTEX vast brand and supplier network to connect customers with perfect advertising partners. Utilizing AI-driven targeting and auctions, our system displays ad campaigns that optimize revenue from available ad space. Our key objectives encompass streamlining operations, scaling AI and analytics for actionable insights, and enforcing advanced security measures to safeguard data and business operations.
  • VTEX Data Pipeline: enhancing data connections to empower enterprises with effective AI utilization. The solution provides specialized APIs for bulk data retrieval and a secure data-sharing service, seamlessly delivering VTEX commerce data to our customers’ preferred data warehouses. With it, our customers will gain a comprehensive view of their commerce data like never before.
  • VTEX Shield: empowering enterprise brands to monitor, safeguard against security threats, and preserve revenue while ensuring the security of sensitive data to uphold customer trust. Our solution adds an extra layer to enhance data protection measures.
  • Delivery Promise: employing advanced algorithms and technology to showcase delivery options and dates from the entire fulfillment network directly within search filters and product pages. This addresses shopper expectations for tailored experiences based on desired product delivery methods or dates.
  • VTEX WhatsApp Campaigns: unlocking personalized sales conversions by accessing a plug-and-play WhatsApp Business Account creator in VTEX Admin, connected to Meta. Now, brands can activate targeted campaigns for timely engagement and higher conversion rates. The integration will also monitor campaign effectiveness in real time with intuitive analytics, tracking conversions with view-to-conversion metrics.

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VTEX is taking strides to integrate AI technology into its solutions, empowering its customers to achieve their business goals. Through it, VTEX aims to drive faster time to market, lower total operating costs, and increase its customers’ GMV. VTEX Intelligent Search will help VTEX customers detect user behavior patterns, optimize search results, and boost conversion rates. Live Shopping, powered by AI Chat functionality, will help VTEX customers to create engaging and interactive shopping experiences for consumers, allowing them to ask questions and receive immediate assistance, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Additionally, VTEX Pick and Pack operations will benefit from streamlined fulfillment processes, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency for our customers. Furthermore, our Shipping Insights feature will provide real time visibility into shipping processes, allowing businesses to optimize logistics and ensure prompt delivery, ultimately improving the overall customer experience. Through the strategic application of AI across different critical areas, VTEX equips its customers to maintain a competitive edge in today’s market.

Furthermore, VTEX will share enhancements to its Marketplace features aimed at streamlining the management of requirement groups for Received SKUs. This improvement is designed to reduce operational burdens and accelerate time-to-revenue for sellers on the platform. The VTEX Sales App will feature advanced functionalities for efficiently managing new product arrivals and top offers, as well as the ability to recover abandoned shopping carts and check inventory. Additionally, VTEX Personal Shopper will integrate support channels and extra sales directly into the platform via a single widget, enhancing the video call experience, notifying advisors via WhatsApp, and enabling immediate call responses to drive conversion rates.

VTEX is transforming the commerce landscape with groundbreaking products tailored for enterprise customers, their IT teams, and business teams. Our high-quality solutions empower IT teams with advanced functionalities, while our user-friendly interface enables business teams to execute strategies effectively.

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