How CPG Marketers Are Leveraging Shelf-Edge Media to Convert Shoppers into Buyers

Vestcom, the industry leader in shelf-edge media solutions for Retailers and CPGs, has published insights into How CPG Marketers are Converting Shoppers into Buyers at the Shelf-Edge.

The new retail media paradigm

In an increasingly complicated grocery landscape where CPGs face new challenges in delivering a cohesive omnichannel experience and driving measurable sales, marketers must optimize their marketing mix to reach consumers at just the right moments to influence buying decisions.

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Influencing consumers where it matters most

Despite the rise in e-comm over the past year, brick and mortar remains the dominant channel for grocery, with 93% of sales occurring in-store. Consumers are ripe to be influenced by in-store messaging: 78% of consumers make grocery purchase decisions during their shopping trip, with 48% attributing an unplanned purchase to an in-store display or sign.

Shelf-edge media that converts

In-store marketing can be powerful, and there is no more influential place to capture consumers’ attention than at the shelf-edge, where shoppers actively decide which of the competitive offerings to place in their cart. CPG marketers recognize shelf-edge media as a powerful vehicle that amplifies omnichannel messaging and drives measurable results.

Not all shelf-edge media is created equal, however. Vestcom shares best practices to get the most out of activating marketing messages at the shelf-edge, based on their expertise in deploying shelfAdz® media campaigns for more than 500 CPGs.

Vestcom is the industry leader in shelf-edge media for Retailers and CPGs. Vestcom’s shelf-edge media solution, shelfAdz® overlays brand content and new item messaging onto price-integrated media to drive conversion at the point of decision. With proven results, the average shelfAdz® campaign boosts incremental sales by 20% and delivers an 8:1 incremental return on ad spend.

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