Qoints Releases AI-Assisted Influencer Marketing Tool

Micro Influencer Discovery Now Simpler for Brands and Marketing Agencies.

Qoints has announced the official launch of AI Social Discovery after increased demand from customers to create a self-service version.

Influencer marketing has taken the digital marketing world by storm, but the process of finding and engaging an influencer to participate in a campaign is manual and tedious. Finding micro influencers (those with roughly 5,000 – 50,000 followers) is particularly challenging, yet the demand continues to grow as they have been shown to generate higher levels of trust, engagement and purchase intent from their followers (in comparison to followers of celebrity influencers).

AI Social Discovery uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to match micro influencers’ personality profiles to the profile of an ideal micro influencer, in order to suggest the best ones to a digital brand marketer. Qoints’ technology can even determine how likely the person is to make a highly engaging micro influencer, and predict how much engagement they will drive.

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Cory Rosenfield
Cory Rosenfield

“The biggest challenge in influencer marketing today is identifying the right influencers for a brand,” explains Cory Rosenfield, CEO and co-founder of Qoints. “That challenge gets exponentially harder when a brand is looking for one or more micro influencers because there are so many out there. We felt it made perfect sense to leverage AI and machine learning to address this challenge, in tandem with our existing benchmarks for influencer campaigns.”

Qoints offers a free trial for marketers to test the capabilities of AI Social Discovery. A marketer can analyze the most recent 1000 followers of any Twitter handle free of charge, to get an idea of what the final report and psychographic profiles look like. There is also an option to analyze a single potential influencer if the brand or agency already has one (or a few) options in mind. Since the product’s soft launch in November 2017, over 250 brands have used it including Aeroplan and Live Nation.

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