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TARGETED SOCIAL launches a Performance Based Influencer Marketing division

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The division will directly connect a brand’s influencers and ambassadors with appropriate digital audiences, and track the actual sales they influence 

Targeted Social, one of the early Facebook and Social Media agencies, announced the launch of its new Influencer Marketing division to directly connect a brand’s influencers and ambassadors with appropriate digital audiences and track the actual sales they influence for brands.

Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing online customer acquisition method, yet most marketers still cite measuring ROI of influencer campaigns as their top challenge. Currently, most Influencer Marketing programs are built based on reach or engagement metrics with a media value used for ROI calculations. Targeted Social’s PBIM (Performance Based Influencer Marketing) division is more in line with brand objectives, by offering a performance-based option tied directly to successful sales efforts.

“Just like with the early days of Facebook advertising, Influencer Marketing is something every brand knows they want, but most still struggle to make a direct connection between their influencers and actual results at the register. With this new service, we can take the Influencer Marketing industry to the next level, by empowering brands to work more closely with Influencers, enabling them the flexibility to draw from the entire website and receive direct attribution for the sales they influenced,” Corey Gottlieb, Managing Partner, Targeted Social said.

Corey Gottlieb
Corey Gottlieb

Corey Gottlieb is also Co-Founder of Replika software with Kareen Mallet, a former fashion director of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Targeted Social will be using Replika software to power its new PBIM division. Replika was originally conceived by Mallet, to help in-store retail sales associates get credit for online sales. “Retailers with brick and mortar locations, with trained sales associates who have seen the decline of in-store sales, have been our primary target during our development phase. However, once we went to market and realized Replika’s value to the influencer marketplace, we decided to work directly with brands and agencies. Targeted Social was an obvious first step,” said Mallet.

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