Vytanutra Launches NEW Influencer Program

Vytanutra launches a new affiliate program for influencers and creators. The vytainfluencer program allows creators to earn free Vytanutra products in exchange for Vytanutra compliant social posts. Vytanutra launched this program to look for like-minded individuals who share similar values to help spread the word about their organic supplements. Influencers that join the program carry the mission statement through product reviews, recipes, and educational pieces.

“Our company uses influencer marketing…expanding our influencer databases and developing real connections. By reaching out to micro-influencers who fits our specific niche and has already promoted health and wellness products in the past, our influencers started advocating for the brand, listing out our supplement benefits on unbiased opinion. When we launched Optic Care, we reached out to influencers who have promoted our products in the past and these influencers were also doing swipe up campaigns on their IG stories that leads to traffic directly to our website.” (Company officer)

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Vytanutra Works With Micro-Influencers  

By building a strong relationship with social media creators, Vytanutra was able to connect with consumers and discover how they like to use our products and expand their social awareness on social media platforms, especially on their company Instagram @thevytanutra.

The company then uses this data from consumers who discovered the brand through influencer and created a retargeting campaign that displayed ads for the brand across consumers’ other social media channels and the websites they visited online. For example, one influencer incorporated Vytanutra supplement into her morning routine by mixing them into smoothies. The company then uses this data to discover who its primary consumer is and how they used the product.

By partnering with micro-influencers who have under 10,000 followers on Instagram, they have more power over consumers rather than those influencers with million followers because they have higher engagement rates. Smaller influencers are typically more connected with their followers and have a loyal audience. With collaborating with smaller creators, we can form a genuine connection and reach a whole new audience that we would’ve never reached if not for influencers.

Vytanutra offers free shipping, 60-day guarantee, free returns, and quality assurance to make sure every bottle of Vytanutra is held to the highest standards.

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