Digitalage Introduces YOYO™, its Proprietary Social Media Data Portability Transfer Tool

Digitalage created a data portability tool for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to take back control of influencers and users’ content

Hop-on, Inc’s introduces YoYo™ by Digitalage. YoYo™ is a proprietary data portability content transfer tool to easily instruct and allow users to download their content from major social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tik Tok and import to Digitalage. It will be available immediately once the platform is released to the public.

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“Our belief has always been that the user owns their content, and they should be given free rule over what they want to do with it. Big tech has been monetizing user content for their own financial benefit and not the creator’s,” says Curt Doty, CCO of Digitalage, Inc. “We want the user to be in control! We want the user to be the beneficiary of their hard work.”

According to the Financial Times, creators making money using Instagram Reels say their payouts have been slashed in recent weeks and target metrics for monetization have ballooned. Payments are down as much as 70 percent per view and videos need millions more views for creators to get paid.

Digitalage is at the forefront of delivering the latest technology and easy-to-use tools for content creation and amplification.

Curt Doty, CCO added, “People don’t realize that their social content is legally theirs and that the social platforms are required to allow access. We have harnessed all that information into our new Help Center. With all of the creative tools available on our platform, users will be able to upload, repost, encode, track and efficiently monetize the entire catalog of their hard-earned work.”

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Other sites are following suit and it will become more and more difficult for content creators to make a living without hitting hard-to-reach milestones.

Hop-on CEO Peter Michaels adds, “We continue the fight for the Davids in the world against the Goliaths of Big-Tech. We are listening to the people and giving them the tools they need for their own empowerment.”

Our business model is to share revenues with publishers, influencers, and contributors. Currently, they are not fairly compensated for their time, investment, and original content. The video “How Facebook is Stealing Billions of Views” illustrates some of the problems with current social media platforms. We are working on a comprehensive solution to liberate creators from piracy and support the Creator Economy, a new digital middle class.

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