Game Changer! Social Networking App “Kandiid” – Changing the Narrative

The new social networking app on the block, confectionately known as “the Kandiid App” is turning heads in the technology sector and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. The app “Kandiid” debuted in early October 2021, and instantaneously moved to #71 in the Apple app store. “What makes Kandiid different from the other social networking apps,” says owner and founder Antoine McLaughlin. “It’s the app’s ability to turn candid moments into art, giving the users authority to monetize – the choices are unlimited.“ The objective is simple; the Kandiid app will revolutionize the front end experience for users by providing a social marketplace controlled entirely by creators. Like other apps, Kandiid comes loaded with features that enable users the ability to post, link content, and connect; however, it’s the monetization piece that places the app in a separate space.

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With traditional social media platforms, the marketplace feature is a plug and play element supported as an indirect cash grab. Not in support of the user, but instead, the platform. That’s where Kandiid comes to the rescue, deploying a vast network built on a cloud-first architectural structure, opening a galaxy of possibilities for creators. Kandiid understands – content creators receiving revenue are in the minority, accounting for only 23% of 3.8 billion users worldwide.

Kandiid’s solution to the one sided affair levels the playing field by fostering strategic partnerships with every user. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine art, or an artist with a million dollar gallery, the choice to dictate the narrative when it comes to content, is totally up to the user. To facilitate the partnership, Kandiid’s interface resembles the look and feel of a social media platform with key features you would expect, but with a clearer, more concise accessibility. Upon entering the front load page, users can’t help but notice the illuminated logo button in the center of the interface. The “Klub” grants access to the marketplace which transforms the user into a window shopper or an instant entrepreneur free to conduct business as they see fit.

Kandiid’s “Klub” feature provides an enterprise friendly approach designed to meet the growing demand of everyday users. The solution simplifies the overall user experience, enabling users the ability to effectively scale their business or purchasing power. Kandiid is in position to leverage the needs of users in the common market and the ever advancing artificial intelligence sector that will translate into an app intelligence renaissance. The primary goal of Kandiid is to encourage social networking and entrepreneurship to one centralized location with the ability for the user to control the narrative. Kandiid’s defining feature is that the platform is ad-free leaving users free to focus and navigate as an extension to everyday life. In addition, the supporting community provides a safe environment that is free from comments to encourage the freedom of expression. In a society where there is an app for just about everything, it is refreshing to know that there’s an application that can organize both your social interactions and users’ ecommerce needs. With a staggering 58.5% of adults using some form of social media, and 4.62B users worldwide, the demand for platforms to provide resources that keep people engaged and connected is essential. From sports, communication, news, and as of late – updates on life saving measures, social networking platforms are paving the way as the primary source for life essentials. It is Kandiid ‘s intention to be the bridge that connects users to life in real time. Since the Covid19 pandemic, over 424 million unique users have signed up or subscribed to a social networking site.

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Kandiid understands that every user is unique in what they want, need, and desire. Teamed with a group of creatives, creating a platform that combined peer-to-peer interaction, artificial intelligence, and the ability to monetize, was a challenge the team definitely took head on. Unlike competitors, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit and Twitter, the Kandiid app relies on providing a level playing field for the average everyday user without any geographical or socio-economic barriers. Every user of the Kandiid app is equipped through the platform to build his/her portfolio of art, and as a result, expand their brand or awareness throughout the cosmos. Through social competitive analysis,
Kandiid provides users scalable data to enhance the social experience for both customers and their network. The more users push the envelope of discovery, the further Kandiid will propel into galaxies unknown to provide solutions – advancing the culture.

The Kandiid app delivers on key benefits including:

1) Kandiid creators make direct sales up to $99 per Album
2) Kandiid relies on direct sales business model
3) Kandiid provides creators with resources to sustainably grow
4) 4.5 million event actions by users
5) Kandiid is installed in 135 countries
6) Kandiid currently has NFT users generated albums attached to sites such as Opensea and Rarible

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