Scuti and Adquire Media Partner to Bring Lead Generation and Trial to Games and the Metaverse

Video game and metaverse marketplace to enable AdQuire Media’s clients to reach and engage players directly through their games

Scuti, the pioneering universal rewards platform accessed exclusively through video games and metaverse communities, is bringing lead generation and trial promotions to these traditionally elusive ecosystems, now powered by AdQuire Media. Through the Scuti Marketplace, AdQuire can access an entirely new audience and community for all their clients – delivering ROI focused advertising and lead generation through the Scuti Marketplace.

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Scuti is thrilled to be partnered with AdQuire to allow their clients a direct channel to players and play an important and rewarding part of the gaming lifestyle and community.”

— Nicholas Longano. CEO and Founder – Scuti

Scuti allows gamers to purchase, trial, and inquire about products directly from their game lobbies. AdQuire and Scuti will reward players for purchase and trial offers, without the need to incentivize lead generation or inquiry offers. This is the first time that players are in control of the offers they see and can earn rewards across any game in the Scuti Network.

Scuti$™ are a rewards system backed by a Stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar, designed to be interoperable across all games and devices. Players exchange their brand-fueled Scuti$™ for native game currency, to make in-game purchases, purchase NFT-tied items, donate them to charity, or redeem them for physical products and services available through the Scuti Marketplace.

Scuti has created a channel for AdQuire’s brands to advertise and generate new leads through the Scuti Marketplace, which is integrated into the main menu of all connected games. Brands will see first-hand how they can reach players directly, through top games, accessing millions of players across all demographics. Through Scuti, AdQuire provides their clients with cutting-edge tools to engage directly with players, and through the endorsement of each game maker, becoming a part of the gaming lifestyle and allowing players to ‘live their brands’.

Eric O’Neill, CEO & Founder, AdQuire Media, said “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Scuti. For over 20 years, AdQuire has been helping leading marketers build a one-to-one connection with consumers leveraging our consent-based media acquisition products powered by our proprietary Acquisition Marketing Platform. By partnering with Scuti, we can greatly expand our consumer touchpoints into key high consumer attention growth areas like gaming and the metaverse while providing a non-intrusive experience to Scuti’s users as we add value by helping them discover new brands through special offers from our advertisers.”

Once players launch the Scuti Marketplace directly from their game lobby, Scuti’s A.I. delivers curated, real-world products and advertisements based on the players’ shopping profiles and interests. Scuti always puts the player first and is never obtrusive to gameplay, and never takes players out of their game. Brands can now actually help improve the game experience for every player, via brand interactions which fuel Scuti$™ rewards and ultimately enhance their game experience through redemption of Scuti$™ into virtual goods, game currencies or physical products.

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“In Scuti’s quest to keep innovating and growing, we identified the Lead Generation and Trial Offer markets as being mostly ‘locked-out’ of the video game ecosystem. In an effort to open this opportunity we partnered with the leading provider in the industry, AdQuire Media”, said Marc Fonzetti, Scuti CRO & CMO. “The distribution and access to millions of new eyeballs via the Scuti Marketplace will have an enormous impact on the scale and bottom line for AdQuire’s many leading brands. Run by a top-notch team of digital media veterans, Scuti could not be happier with our partnership”.

Since launch, Scuti has engaged hundreds of thousands of players daily and is projected to provide brands with over 14 million daily active users by the end of 2022, making it the premier Holiday retail platform for brands seeking to reach players directly through their video games and metaverse experiences.

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