Innovative Social Platform MakeMeReach Obtains Premier Google Partner Badge

Signaling MakeMeReach’s Official Launch to the United States, Recognition Includes Dedicated Google Engineers to Work Alongside MakeMeReach’s Technical Team to Accelerate Platform Integrations

Perion Network Ltd. announced that MakeMeReach, its fast-growing social ad tech subsidiary that empowers agencies and advertisers to fully optimize their social campaigns, received today the official Google Premier Partner Badge. This certification allows MakeMeReach to integrate Google Ads Suite into its existing tech stack and marks the company’s official launch in the United States. This recognition also comes on the heels of MakeMeReach’s recognition as a proud partner of Facebook Marketing, Twitter and Snapchat.

Looking towards 2019 and beyond, the certification from Google represents a major expansion in strategy and vision for MakeMeReach; advertisers will now gain a broader, more fully-informed perspective on the online journeys of today’s digital consumers.

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MakeMeReach now lets clients unite the power of social and search advertising into one platform—with the strategic goal of maximizing cross-channel campaign performances. This unified platform is advanced through the deep partnership between MakeMeReach and its sister company, Undertone, Perion’s platform for synchronized cross-platform digital branding.

Undertone’s integration of singularly effective creative advertising and AI-driven media have made it an essential partner for the world’s most prominent brands and advertisers. As the larger digital advertising ecosystem continues to evolve and innovate, the integration between MakeMeReach and Google, as well as Undertone’s membership in the Coalition for Better Ads, are important towards fostering a more transparent and trusted advertising environment.

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“Consumers’ online buying habits and buying journeys are complex and interdependent, no longer attributable to a single ad impression. They must be understood in terms of a succession of touchpoints and complementary messages distributed across social networks and other channels—of which Google is the leader,” said Pierre-Lou Dominjon, President of MakeMeReach “We recognize that advertisers must understand the impact of their ads within their overall strategy and can no longer afford to analyze and optimize online ad campaigns in silos. This integration of Google will help give them the tools and insights they need on both social and search advertising channels.”

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