Syniverse Releases Second Annual Environmental, Social, and Governance Report

Syniverse, the world’s most connected company, announced the publication of its second annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) Annual Report which details the Company’s ESG strategy and performance for the fiscal year ended November 30, 2021.

Syniverse engaged multiple stakeholders for its second annual materiality assessment, including gathering the opinions of employees, investors, customers, and suppliers to better identify the topics that matter most to each audience. Full detail on the assessment and placement of the most material issues can be found within the report.

The Company’s ESG strategy and framework, which is titled “RISE,” is an acronym that identifies the four areas critical to long-term sustainability and success, including:

  • Responsibility to promote ethical practices
  • Inclusive culture for employees and global community
  • Service integrity in performance, security, and privacy
  • Environmental performance that protects the world

“In 2020, we laid the groundwork for understanding our impact better, creating transparent reporting processes, and setting targets to further our RISE progress into the future. In 2021, we took this work further and the material improvements achieved across our focus areas are reflected in our latest report,” remarked Andrew Davies, Chief Executive Officer, Syniverse.

“In line with our 2020 commitment to enhance our oversight of our suppliers, we have updated our Supplier Code of Conduct to promote responsible ESG actions across our supply chain,” said Kevin Beebe, Chairman of Syniverse’s Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee and Board member with responsibility for ESG topics. “We look forward to reporting further progress on these and other actions in our quest to create a more sustainable Syniverse for the future.”

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Highlights of Syniverse’s ESG report include:


  • Updated our Supplier Code of Conduct to promote responsible ESG actions across our supply chain
  • Renewed accession to the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015


  • Relaunched our employee association post Covid-19, comprising activities that reflect greater focus on opportunities for employees to give back to their local communities
  • Implemented a performance objective for all employees that supports our efforts to build a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture

Service integrity:

  • Improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS) to 48 from 42 in 2020
  • Increased service uptime to 99.98% in 2021 from 99.85% in 2020
  • Filed 16 patents in 2021, bringing our total to 96 patents


  • Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions decreased by 36% to 10,729.59MT
  • 100% of our 74.9MT of e-waste disposed of ethically and sustainably

“Our role in powering the communications technology of almost every person and device on earth is a privilege we do not take for granted. We are also aware of the responsibility that this position brings with it, and consistently strive to work according to the highest standards of integrity and transparency,” further remarked Andrew Davies.

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