With Over 100 Educational and Social Organisations On-board, Bright Data Releases New Impact Report for The Bright Initiative

Bright Data, a leading data collection platform, has released an impact report on The Bright Initiative, its social responsibility and educational program. In its inaugural six months, the Bright Initiative has worked with over 100 organisations, including 85+ academic institutions, 35+ NPOs, NGOs and other public bodies.

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“As a trailblazer in the world of web data collection, through the work of The Bright Initiative, Bright Data takes its responsibility to use data to drive positive change extremely seriously”

The Bright Initiative focuses on leveraging publicly available online data to drive positive change in the world and is built on three key pillars:

  • Promoting web transparency and preventing illegitimate online actions
  • Fighting social injustice
  • Driving forward data related skills and data driven academic research

The Bright Initiative’s mission reflects Bright Data’s new corporate identity, which encompasses the company’s quest for transparency through data.

Promoting web transparency and ethical online behaviour

Bright Data takes pride in its strict compliance and ethical guidelines. The Bright Initiative has therefore partnered with organisations including the World Ethical Data Forum to build a better future for the data collection industry and root out unscrupulous practices.

The Bright Initiative’s work with governments includes supporting the implementation of the UK’s National Data Strategy, supporting the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and engaging with Minister John Whittingdale. So far, Bright Data’s support has included providing industry insight on data markets and skills needs, as well as pro bono data collection services to support research work.

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Championing social justice causes

The Bright Initiative works closely with several organizations and academics to drive social justice. One key example where the online data domain has been key to its success is in preventing sex trafficking and the exploitation of minors, which is a growing global problem. Often, a lack of reliable data prevents action from being taken to prevent it. The Bright Initiative has therefore partnered with global organisations including HTI Labs, Humans Against Trafficking and more to gather relevant data, as well as Israeli child abuse charities Elem and the Schusterman Foundation.

Of all challenges currently facing the world, the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is amongst the greatest. Through The Bright Initiative, Bright Data has lent its capabilities to several organisations leading the way. This includes the US start-up Find a Shot, which matches users with available vaccine appointments. Moreover, teams at institutions including the University of Hong Kong and Ben Gurion University are already using Bright Data’s tools to aid their research into the societal effects of COVID-19. These leading education providers are among a growing portfolio of universities and colleges that are a part of The Bright Initiative with further projects underway with New York University, Boston College, Northeastern University, among others.

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Building on existing momentum

In the coming months, Bright Data is committed to building on The Bright Initiative’s success by strengthening its links within the education and research space. Bright Data’s capabilities have been used by several new research partners, including a team at Sciences Po University aiming to identify discriminatory practices on online platforms.

To close the global data skills gap, The Bright Initiative is partnering with UK charity upReach – which helps undergraduate students from less advantaged backgrounds – and will be facilitating a series of workshops for students at UK universities throughout the rest of the year.

“As a trailblazer in the world of web data collection, through the work of The Bright Initiative, Bright Data takes its responsibility to use data to drive positive change extremely seriously,” explained Or Lenchner, CEO of Bright Data. “We are delighted with what we’ve achieved over the last six months, and now with The Bright Initiative gathering more momentum, we hope to continue strengthening our global partnerships, as well as identifying new worthy causes to make a positive impact where it is needed the most. Thank you to all our partners – we are inspired by you each and every day.”

Bright Data is now taking the initial steps to establish The Bright Initiative as an independent organisation with direct access to Bright Data’s technology, know-how and expertise; allowing a wider range of good causes to utilise the benefits this brings. Further details will be announced over the coming months.

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