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Custom Solution Publishers Should Be Tracking in Google Analytics

For digital publishers, generating steady revenue from a set of consistent sources has been a long-standing pain point. So, many content-driven websites have bitten the dust owing to the absence of a steady revenue stream against the heavy operational costs. A few most common revenue-generating sources for digital publishers are Advertisements. Now, in today’s world of data analytics, I am sure you have your Google Analytics all set up with the right set of goals and events firing, giving you a snapshot of how your website…

Amazon Versus Google Search: Who Is Winning the Battle and How?

Amazon Has Become the No.1 Source of Product Searches Online, Outdoing Google and Several Others for Years Now Amazon’s advertisement business still has a lot of scope for growth. Last year, the retail giant accounted for nearly half of all product searches, according to the details based on a survey. Alphabet, on the other hand, accounted for 36% of the market. According to a report by Merkle for Q2, 2018- Google’s product listed ads accounted for 59% of the company’s ad clicks in Q2. Despite the figures, Amazon’s…