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Juniper Research Forecasts Consumer Mixed Reality App Installs to Reach 10 Billion by 2024, Driven by Social Media & Games

Consumer Mixed Reality App Installs to Grow by 170% over Next 5 Years A new study from Juniper Research has found the number of consumer mixed reality app installs will reach 10 billion by 2024; rising from 3 billion in 2019. Mixed reality overlays interactive digital images and videos onto the real world through a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses. The new research, Consumer Mixed Reality: Emerging Opportunities, Vendor Strategies & Market Forecasts 2019-2024, identified social media and games as the key app…

Forget the Millennials: Where Targeting High Tech Misses the Mark

Digital Advertising exists to reach the right person with the right message at the right time. The first step is understanding that person. To do this, we AdTech execs like creating labels. People are Healthy Eaters, Baby Boomers, Shoe Shoppers, Cord Cutters, or Millennial Moms. Race, gender, income, marital status, shopping habits, etc. all factor in. As if that weren’t enough, we look at location, behavior, day parting, social activity, Web viewing, political affiliation, even the weather. Just take a look at Facebook’s…