MetaMedia And Visaic Launch Global Content Delivery Network Built On Microsoft Azure To Revitalize Cinemas

The cloud-based MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ will help cinemas re-emerge, streamlining operations and creating new revenue opportunities

To help movie theaters add new capabilities as they reopen around the world, MetaMedia and Visaic announced the deployment of a global cloud-based content delivery network for secure delivery of films, trailers, marketing and advertising content, esports and live streamed events to cinemas. Built on Microsoft Azure  the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ will support rapid global scaling and provide cinemas and content owners new opportunities for growth and revenue.

MetaMedia, a leading entertainment technology company, has developed a content management software and hardware platform that securely delivers digital files, such as digital cinema packages (DCP) and movie trailers, over its managed, high-speed IP network. Visaic operates a live and on-demand over-the-top (OTT) platform for distribution and monetization of content worldwide and offers cinemas a rich portfolio of live internationally recognized sports and events, such as soccer, basketball, concerts, festivals, and other lifestyle content.

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MetaMedia collaborated with Visaic to build the MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ on  Azure, enabling studios to deliver content to cinemas around the world using a streamlined workflow. The centrally monitored service eliminates costly physical hard drive shipping of films and automates content ingestion.  Azure also offers secure storage of DCP, allowing cost-efficient re-distribution of even repertory films without the need for remastering, re-encoding and re-packaging.

“Emerging from this challenging period, cinemas welcome access to a broader array of content programming options, especially as the Hollywood studios create their new film release plans,” said MetaMedia CEO Jason Brenek. “The MetaMedia Entertainment Network™ with Azure integration allows us to quickly scale globally, connecting cinemas everywhere to live or pre-recorded content produced anywhere. Imagine, for example, the latest South Korean films being inexpensively delivered to American cinemas with large Korean communities. Or first-run Hollywood films, TED Talks, independent or global content, no longer burdened with expensive delivery charges, distributed day-and-date across cinemas in Mexico, New Zealand, and Iceland.”

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“Visaic is excited to partner with a leading technology company like Microsoft and a pioneer like MetaMedia to introduce the vast, global benefits of Azure into the cinema space.  And our team’s experience delivering live sporting, music, and newsworthy events into OTT devices around the world make us even more excited to bring this programming to the big, cinematic screen with MetaMedia and its cinema launch partners,” according to Kanaan Jemili, CEO of Visaic.

Hanno Basse, Azure Chief Technical Officer for Media and Entertainment at Microsoft Corp. added, “We are excited to work with partners like MetaMedia and Visaic to provide platforms for innovation and growth.”

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