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Magellan AI: How Coronavirus Has Impacted Podcast Advertising

Magellan AI, the podcast industry's leading provider of ad level data, has released a whitepaper outlining the impact coronavirus is having on the podcast industry's advertising landscape. While many analytics companies have addressed the change in podcast consumption, to date there hasn't been a report addressing advertising activity and spend. This report does so. In this whitepaper we explore the following: What's happening in the market overall? Which advertiser categories have increased or decreased spend?…

How the Looming Recession Will Reshape the Marketing Landscape (Again)

It’s hard to avoid talk of recession these days. Although no one agrees when exactly a recession will hit or how dramatic the fallout will be, many market observers are eyeing key economic health indicators with concern. The simple fact is this: We live in a cyclical economy, and recessions are a part of the natural order. As we creep closer to the inevitable downcycle, now is the time to start considering the likely impact on the advertising marketplace. The repercussions of the recession in the advertising industry are…