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Alex Collmer

Editing is the New Coding

One of the first movies that really left a mark on me was WarGames. It was the summer of 1983. I was 8 years old and was already what can probably best be described as "an optimism fundamentalist". So instead of focusing on the dystopian reality that the threat of nuclear holocaust was going to be a permanent cloud over society for the rest of my life, what struck me was the exciting realization that computers were going to play a far bigger role in people's lives than simply making it easier for them to delete…

Interview with Alex Collmer, Founder & CEO, VidMob

"The problem hasn’t been the targeting technology, it has been the ability to get the creative necessary to deliver a targeted message." Tell us about your role at VidMob and how you got here. What inspired you to launch a video technology platform? I’m the founder and CEO of VidMob. My entire career has been spent as an entrepreneur, working at the intersection of technology and media. I have always been interested in video and found myself becoming increasingly convinced that the shift to video was going to be a very…