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Alex Griffis

TechBytes with Alex Griffis, SVP of Product at 250ok

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at 250ok. My role is primarily focused on defining the Product vision, its roadmap, and the strategic requirements to align our Product strategy with customers’ goals. From conception through launch, I work closely with engineers, marketers, and stakeholders to define what we’re building and why we’re building it. It’s an incredibly rewarding mix of interfacing with customers, planning development sprints, coordinating pilot programs, and working with Business…

New 250ok Validation Software Finds Fewer False-Positive and False-Negative Email Address Verification Results

New list validation feature leverages a proprietary multi-step system and brings marketers more accurate insights to optimize their email campaigns 250ok, an email analytics and deliverability platform, unveiled its proprietary email validation feature providing marketers a better way to ensure their marketing emails are reaching engaged, real consumers. According to benchmark tests run by 250ok, on average, 250ok Validation is up to 40% better at finding undeliverable addresses and returned 9-15 times less “unknown”…