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Retail Communication Crisis: New Research Shows Customers Being Alienated by Too Much Contact and Lack of Relevance

61% of UK Consumers Are Bothered When a Retailer Doesn’t Give Them Special Treatment for Being a Loyal Customer AI-powered customer marketing platform, Ometria, launches  new research into the state of retailers’ communication with UK consumers. The findings highlight the urgent need for retailers to change their marketing outreach or risk alienating their customers.  75% of people feel most retailers don't understand their interests: the few retailers that are getting this right are setting a high bar for other retailers…

Data-Driven Marketers in High Demand and Short Supply, New Research Finds

The CMO Club and Signal Conduct Study of CMOs and Heads of Marketing from Diverse Industries to Identify List of Must-Have Marketer Attributes The chief marketing officer of tomorrow is as much a technologist and entrepreneur as she is the source of the Big Idea, according to findings included in a new report, The CMO Club Solution Guide: The Quest for the Perfect Identity-Driven Marketer. Analyzing responses from CMOs and heads of marketing across a broad range of B2C and B2B brands, The CMO Club and Signal found that…