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How to Get the Attention Economy to Really Notice You

When you ponder what moves the digital landscape and all its players, typically the following comes to mind: who’s spending what and where, how to invest in different buckets - from TV to digital, where your money is actually going, and budgets (namely, who is willing to spend the most). But what lies behind the dollar signs? The answer: an entirely different currency that the industry is truly busy chasing, and one that in today’s economy is even more scarce than cash - the human attention span. Scientific Seduction In…

Telefónica Unveils AI-Powered Smart Notifications for the ‘Attention Economy’

Smart Notifications Is the First Product Developed by Telefónica to Solve the Problems Created by the “Attention Economy” Leading global telecom company, Telefónica, has launched an Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) solution for mobile applications to optimize the delivery of notifications to users. The solution increases engagement with push campaigns by automatically selecting the best moment of the day to send notifications when users are most receptive to brand interactions. When used alongside the…