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The Future of Business Intelligence: Invisible Analytics and Embedded Insights

The best analytics are invisible. Now, there’s a whole industry devoted to creating compelling visualizations meant to take complex, dynamically unfolding events and making them instantly comprehensible and insightful. These visualizations are beautiful but, alas, they represent a creative workaround for technology’s inability to deliver what we really want - an answer, right when we need it. Analytical dashboards are designed to get you the answers to your pressing questions as fast as possible. No matter how well…

Deloitte’s Acquisition of Magnetic’s Business Platform Enables New Capabilities for Deloitte

Deloitte Wants to Intensify Client Engagement Initiatives by Investing in Targeting Audiences and Artificial Intelligence Deloitte announced that it will be acquiring Magnetic Media Inc’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered business platform. This move clearly indicates Deloitte’s increased focus in the areas of AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Audience Data Analytics. This strategic acquisition helps Deloitte accelerate smarter and faster development of its Digital Experience Services platform. This is also an indicator…