Deloitte’s Acquisition of Magnetic’s Business Platform Enables New Capabilities for Deloitte

Deloitte Wants to Intensify Client Engagement Initiatives by Investing in Targeting Audiences and Artificial Intelligence

Deloitte announced that it will be acquiring Magnetic Media Inc’s Artificial Intelligence(AI) powered business platform. This move clearly indicates Deloitte’s increased focus in the areas of AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Audience Data Analytics. This strategic acquisition helps Deloitte accelerate smarter and faster development of its Digital Experience Services platform. This is also an indicator that Deloitte wants to focus on delivering-

  • Better data management capabilities to its customers
  • Insights derived by leveraging AI & ML
  • Turning these derived insights into actions through Deloitte’s channels and software collaborations

Customers will benefit because they would have access to more relevant content, exponential growth, and an overall great experience.

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Scott Mager, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and leader of Deloitte Digital’s advertising, marketing, and commerce practice said “people’s expectations for how brands should interact with them are higher than ever. They expect companies to provide interactions that are both personalized and have real-time relevancy in every channel. We’re helping our clients make the shift from siloed advertising and marketing to real-time cross-channel experiences that are consistent across media, web, mobile, social and in the call center, with a store associate, or at the register.”

“To enable an end-to-end experience, our clients need to collect, analyze, and integrate their audience and customer interaction data across the enterprise. By combining Magnetic’s audience data capabilities with Deloitte Digital’s customer data experience, we can help our clients do just this inside their own environment, designed to give them full control and transparency. Add on Magnetic’s AI/ML capabilities alongside Deloitte’s software alliances, and you have real-time decisions that can deliver the right content, to the right person, at the right time—across any channel,” said Angel Hollis Vaccaro, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Deloitte Digital’s Experience Services offering leader.

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Corey Ferengul, executive chairman and CEO, Magnetic said “we are excited to have Magnetic’s product and engineering team join forces with Deloitte, and we know our unique machine learning expertise will help take customer engagement for marketers to a whole new level. We’re passionate about bringing cutting-edge solutions to clients and helping them succeed. Together, we will build on this commitment by helping brands of all sizes engage more effectively with their consumers and create positive, profitable, long-lasting customer relationships.”

Magnetic Media Inc was founded in 2008. The firm is privately owned with its major area of operations in AdTech & Targeting driven by AI technology. The company specializes in Machine Learning for –

  • Determining the optimal channels for each consumer interaction
  • Determining the optimal timing for each consumer interaction
  • Determining the optimal channels for each consumer interaction

Magnetic’s platform analyzes more than 350 million live users.

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