HubSpot Launches Bundled Suites to Achieve Sophisticated Sales, Marketing and Service Goals

The Launch Is HubSpot’s Largest Enterprise Software Suite Expansion

HubSpot announced the launch of its brand new Sales and Service Enterprise Software Hub for business availability. The company also announced new updates in their Enterprise Marketing Hub, along with promising buyers a discounted rate for a bundled purchase.

HubSpot is calling their bundled product, ‘Enterprise Growth Suite’ which will provide advanced enterprise teams with-

  • Control
  • Greater flexibility
  • Deeper integrations

Hubspot will facilitate teams with these features through one unified HubSpot account. A first for HubSpot, ‘The Enterprise Growth Suite’ is by far the company’s largest enterprise-grade software expansion.

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Brian Halligan, co-founder, and CEO of HubSpot said “over the past year, we increased R&D spending significantly as we pushed to expand our platform of products to address the needs of any company regardless of where they are in their growth journey. Today, our customers are getting the results of that investment. As users of the HubSpot Enterprise Hubs ourselves, we’ve seen firsthand how these products can support the changing needs of a growing company. With these announcements, a HubSpot customer will be able to sign on with us at any stage with the knowledge that our products will scale with them as they grow.”

‘Enterprise Growth Suite’ is built atop HubSpot’s CRM consisting of features meant to help advanced teams achieve business goals like-

  • Reporting on quotas, SLAs, and other sales and customer service metrics
  • Creating a library of resources (Playbooks) to better define best practices for sales & service teams
  • Native Slack integration to help global teams stay connected

HubSpot’s additional features in ‘Enterprise Growth Suite’ are-

  • Hierarchical teams
  • Health scoring
  • Advanced content partitioning
  • Workflow extensions

The company will roll the additional features out in phases.

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HubSpot is ensuring that enterprises can truly benefit from futuristic technologies like Machine Learning (ML). The company has integrated layers of ML and its recently launched Conversational Tools in all three products (of the suite) which empower brands with-

  • Predictive lead scoring
  • Combining email, chat, and social in a unified inbox
  • Advanced targeting
  • Lead routing
  • Building custom chatbot(s)

Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events said “when we first started using HubSpot, we were small but growing. As we’ve continued to grow, the HubSpot platform has acted as the fertilizer that’s helped us turn our seed of a company into an established institution. Every new product HubSpot launches makes us faster, better, and stronger than we were before. Without them, we would still be at that seed phase instead of the towering skyscraper we are today.”

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