Estimote’s Futuristic Beacon Enables Marketers to Undertake Location-Based Marketing

After Launching Their First Beacon in 2013, Estimote Announced the Arrival of Their Highly Evolved Product, ‘the Estimote LTE Powered Beacon’

Estimote believes that the applications of the future will not be installed on electronic devices like phones, tablets or computers. Application developers of the future will leverage the physical world as a context to build applications. The core element in developing applications of tomorrow would be that of an object’s or an individual’s location. Applications will be installed at physical places after programmatically locating objects and people.

Estimote is building an operating system that will allow software developers to quickly build applications on single locations. Estimote wants to spread the same application experience on several locations, subsequently.

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Estimote’s Proven Expertise  

Estimote launched their first beacon product in 2013. The company successfully mapped the location of people (and their phones) to a port that helped enterprises connect with them. This revolutionized marketing allowing enterprises to send contextual brand promotion in the form of –

  • Coupons
  • Applications
  • Native Content

Estimote’s product was leveraged by 150,000 innovators, startups, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies. Beacons are disruptive due to their accurate calculation of micro-location.

What’s New in Their Recent Release?

Estimote’s latest product is equipped with LTE connectivity, built-in GPS, and Bluetooth radio. It has advanced location mapping capabilities that can send this information over to the Cloud for extensive data analysis. Hence, it is now possible to download and run applications directly on the beacon. Estimote has essentially conceptualized this device to be a Smartphone without a screen.

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The device can run for years without a battery recharge. This has opened a vast channel for the marketing community to develop campaigns around this product. Marketers can launch live applications starting with one location, distributing application experience at other locations subsequently.

Products like beacons are turning brand promotions to be dynamic entities. Business conversations can be quickly turned into actionable insights by developing live applications.

For example, Beacons can be installed at a venue of a business conference. After beacons map phone locations of attendees, a variety of information can be sent to them, interactively. As an example, an app will allow the attendee to connect to the brand that is holding the conference. A switch in this application conveys the brand that the attendee is looking for specific information. Links to this information can be sent to this user by text messaging platforms like Twilio.

Such an arrangement does wonders to boost brand perceptions and to also get interactive insights.

MarTech Series will keep a watch on the developments regarding this next-level product.

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