Glassdoor’s Mega Event to Host Amazon VP of Worldwide People Operations Ardine Williams as Keynote Speaker

The Glassdoor Event Will See Williams Along with Other Talent Acquisition Experts from Slack, Salesforce, and T-Mobile, Among Others

Glassdoor announced that it will hold Glassdoor Recruit, a day-long recruiting conference on September 27, 2018, in Chicago. Glassdoor is one of the fastest and largest growing job sites. Glassdoor wants employers to hire the best via this initiative.

Glassdoor will offer-

  • Insights
  • Best Practices
  • Industry Trends

Glassdoor wants to offer companies of all sizes to hire and retain the best talent available in the market today. People can register here to know more about Glassdoor for employees. Livestream will be broadcasting this event for free. Ardine Williams and Robert Hohman will be featured by Glassdoor for a Fireside chat in this event. Ardine is Amazon’s VP of Worldwide People Operations while Robert is Glassdoor’s Founder and CEO. Ardine Williams will be discussing recruiting’s future and the pivotal role of Talent Acquisition teams as well as the criticality of hiring the right people for the success of an enterprise.

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Other speakers include –

Other speakers include –

  • Robby Kwok, VP of People, Slack
  • Holli Martinez, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, T-Mobile
  • Sjoerd Gehring, Global VP of Talent Acquisition and People Experience, Johnson & Johnson
  • Tracy Edmonds, Chief Diversity Officer, Anthem
  • Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Glassdoor
    Tammy Winnie,
  • Tammy Winnie, VP of Global Talent, Kellogg, on Screening for Retention
  • Jen Price, Director of Recruiting, Salesforce, on Leveraging Employee Engagement to Recruit
  • Andrew Levy, Director of Talent Attraction, WeWork, on Attracting the Best Candidates
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show – Former Executive Director of Talent Acquisition and Producers on Building the Team Behind Oprah’s Meteoric Rise

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Glassdoor has SIX10, a very sophisticated venue for this event. The entire itinerary is available on Glassdoor for employers. Glassdoor recruit attendees will also get to hear-

How to Hire to Win: Learn the strategies that leading organizations are using to make better hires, eliminate bias, and recruit the right people to help their companies succeed.

Connect with Industry Leaders: Build quality connections with the most influential leaders in the recruiting and hiring space through interactive group breakouts and networking events.

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