LinkedIn Announces The Next-Gen Avatar of Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Said That They Would Be Rolling out an Upgraded Sales Navigator. This Latest Version has a Variety of New Features

Q3 is seeing the arrival of a brand new and stylish Sales Navigator, LinkedIn published. As, a tool, Sales Navigator has enabled enterprises to find prospects. LinkedIn has now added more functionalities to this already pivotal sales tool.

The new features intended to help businesses:

  • Expand relationships with pre-existing customers
  • Maximize business acquisitions
  • Boost sales productivity

LinkedIn was glad to announce this new development, saying,” Today, we are embarking on a journey to win the hearts and minds of the entire sales org with the release of new key features.”

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New features rolled out include:


Deals as a feature help enterprises better manage their pipeline. It provides managers and sales reps a channel to better understand their sales pipeline.

Value Addition

Pipeline management is a tightrope walk. Sales teams will appreciate and be greatly relieved by the release of this feature.

Integration with Office 365

A great feature for patrons of Microsoft Outlook. A lot of internal customers in an enterprise do not prefer to work on Web email. Now, Sales Navigator can seamlessly integrate with Outlook by which a brand can derive meaningful actionable insights.

Value Addition

The integration will help sales teams to reach out and personalize their approach towards leads.

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Linkedin Is Changing the Search Experience

LinkedIn has released a completely new search engine for its users. This highly innovative and re-designed search engine promises to a richer search experience with optimized search results.

Value Addition

An enhanced search ensures that users get relevant search results faster. This helps sales teams work efficiently and smartly.

Sales Navigator for the On-The-Go Salesman

Sales Teams can now access The Sales Navigator on their Smartphones. LinkedIn has designed it in such a way that users get the same experience of this business tool like they do on their computers.

Value Addition

Sales Navigator is compatible for iOS as well as Android Operating systems. The biggest value it adds to sales teams is helping them understand the fitness of leads. Accordingly, Sales Navigator will find common connections and backgrounds which assists sales teams in reaching out to leads.

New Pairings for SNAP

Adobe Sign has now joined LinkedIn for SNAP integrations. Its existing partners, Salesforce, MS Dynamics and SalesLoft will be introducing tighter SNAP integrations.

Value Addition

Snap integrations open a whole new world of sales possibilities for sales teams.


This feature ensures that Sales teams work with the development teams. Two traditionally siloed departments can now work hand-in-hand creating enhanced collaborated value.

Value Addition

Ideas open a bi-directional channel between product development teams and Sales Navigator Administrators. Voting, submitting and reviewing product ideas becomes very dynamic due to the ideas feature.

Lastly. LinkedIn will be removing lead records for customers who had synced Sales Navigator with unassociated CRMs.

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