Drip Campaigns for B2B Marketers: Tips and Best Practices

What are drip campaigns and how do they work? Let us dive in!

A drip campaign is a series of emails pre-planned and sent across by a brand to a specific set of customers between pre-defined intervals. As these emails are triggered by a specific action, they can be very useful for moving prospects towards the buyer’s journey, in turn, strengthening the relationship with existing customers. 

Drip campaigns maintain a connection with a lead who is deliberating and these emails keep the leads engaged when they are unable to decide. Therefore, drip campaigns are considered one of the most useful conversion tactics a marketing team has in their arsenal. 

Let us highlight some tips to create a successful drip campaign for B2B marketers. 

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  • Maintaining engagement while waiting for a decision

The purpose of a drip marketing campaign is to keep your lead engaged, enthusiastic, and so sending them motivating emails from time to time can keep them in the loop. All this happens while your prospect is still planning to take a lead through a sales funnel.

  • Show off value-add to win a reluctant B2B lead

Winning B2B sales is different from B2C. With B2B, competition is fierce and while your B2B lead is considering your competitors, it is time for you to send a respectful drip campaign. The campaign explains everything about how your business works and what services you can offer your prospects. 

These emails help you highlight value-added services, take your offer beyond what it looks on the surface, and show benefits to your future clients. 

  • Leading customers through a persuasive demo

You see that your B2B prospect is right on the fence about buying, but it seems that they need more understanding for your product to grasp its full value. For such leads, a drip campaign becomes a perfect fit. You can easily share some bite-sized demos to add to their experience. Further, infographics, short engaging videos, interactive demos are good options too.

  • Tempting samples of the courses

Let us say you have a product that interests your prospect. Nevertheless, your prospect is doubtful and does not know how your product is going to help. For such leads, you can share tempting tidbits about your products so that they can implement and see the results immediately. You can send a sample product alongside your drip campaigns. 

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Some of the top drip marketing tools commonly used:

  • MailChimp

Known to be one of best email automation platforms, MailChimp helps B2B marketers to run their drip campaigns successfully and with ease. MailChimp helps to engage your customers and grow your business with a trail of professional emails. Right from customized email templates to automation and delivery, everything is offered under one roof. 

  • Aweber

Aweber, has gained fame in the world of email marketing since quite some time. It is popular because it delivers a straightforward product exceptionally well. One good thing about Aweber is that it includes functionality for drip campaigns in its free version. 

  • HubSpot

HubSpot is considered a great email app for personalized follow-ups to drip campaigns. HubSpot is a statement tool as it combines everything from writing a blog post, sharing social content to tweaking your website for prospective customers based on their intent. All these efforts are combined in an automated workflow along with other tools that help you manage your content and contacts together. 

  • Flodesk

It is a good email automation app for simple drip campaigns. The app is perfect for people who are overwhelmed by looking at complex software interfaces. The simple interface of Flodesk will make you fall in love with it. Brands can easily share beautiful, simple emails with minimal effort. 

Before you start with your drip marketing campaign, it is essential to determine your goal. Why do you want to engage a lead? What would you like your drip emails to accomplish? 

You may only want to keep a lead engaged while the purchase decision is being taken, or you want to convince your lead for something or win a business from a lead who is considering your options. While B2B conversions are unique compared to others, they have a long-term impact. 

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