Pandora Announces Brand New Format to Publish Dynamic, Sequential and Short-Form Audio Ads

First Time Ever, Pandora Enables Advertisers to Publish Audio Advertisements Beyond 15 and 30 Seconds

Pandora is innovating audio advertising by adding new technological aspects to this domain.

How Is Pandora Changing Audio Advertising?

Claire Fanning, Vice President of Ad Innovation Strategy for Pandora said, “these new formats are the company’s first major innovation in audio ads. Pandora is releasing the units now because audio is going through a bit of a renaissance and it has over the past several years, and consumption trends are driving innovation.”

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Here are the changes that Pandora is making—

Pandora Is Personalizing the Audio Advertisement

Dynamic Audio Advertising is allowing marketers to create highly personalized advertisements for its users.

Over the past few years, Pandora has been able to collate detailed sets of customer data that include-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Weather
  • Music genre

Pandora will personalize these segments for users before initiating targeted advertisements. Pandora assures that it can create the required number of advertisement combinations for clients that they collaborate with.

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Pandora Is Building a Bigger Brand Story

Sequential Audio ads, as they are called, will be released in sequences at regular time intervals. Commercials of this kind would involve a brand story divided into chunks. Each chunk will be released at a stipulated time. Such campaigns are guaranteed to pique the interest and curiosity of listeners.

Campaign Augmentation

Short-Form Audio Ads are sound advertisements that would last for a maximum of ten seconds.  Short-Form Ads contain extremely simple messages and are developed to run alongside longer forms of advertisements.

Fanning said, “it all starts with the notion that we don’t think one size fits all when it comes to ads. We’ve always felt like there’s a more major opportunity to incorporate personalization into audio advertising strategies. And what we’ve done is a combination of proprietary testing and hypotheses, along with the merger of technologies driven by a million ads, to come up with this personalization package.”

She also said, “the ad units have shown promise in testing with several of Pandora’s clients. In one test with Lay’s, according to a release announcing the new units, short-form audio yielded a 56 percent higher return on ad spend with the highest return for ages 35-59 and highest lifts in awareness for the 18-34 demo. Lay’s also found that the first and last flavor mentioned in the spot were the most impactful.”

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