Video Ads on Instagram Drove Business Results for These Animoto Customers

These Small Businesses Ran Local Advertising That Drove Foot Traffic, Sales, and Attention from Major Publications

Animoto, the company that makes it easy for anyone to create professional marketing videos, showcased business results from customers who have become successful video advertisers on Instagram. Using Animoto’s online video maker to create their videos, these businesses produced videos optimized for the Instagram Feed.

48 Percent Increase in Sales for this Ecommerce Beauty Brand

Click n Curl is a detachable brush styling tool for women, developed by its owner, Kim Nimsgern. Kim wanted to create an ad for Instagram that demonstrated her product with an entertaining how-to video, so she did a simple photo and video shoot to obtain the assets she needed. She then created a video in a square aspect ratio, since square videos are optimized for mobile-viewing and take up 78 percent more screen space.

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Kim then placed $100 against the square video ad on Instagram using Facebook Ads Manager. The video received 5,134 views, and increased sales by 48 percent.

The video led to a 17 percent increase in website visits. Additionally, the Animoto video boosted link clicks from Click n Curl’s Instagram page to their website. From a baseline of zero link clicks to their website page, they went to 222 link clicks just from Instagram traffic.

Earning Praise from the Press and 40 Percent More Views

Cupcake Market is a bakery in Manhattan’s East Village. To help spread the word about their celebrity-inspired desserts beyond their local NYC audience, they A/B tested a landscape video ad and square video ad on Instagram. The square version received 40 percent more views and Cupcake Market received impressive business results.

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With just a minimal spend, Cupcake Market saw a threefold increase in inquiries through their website, a 700 percent increase of online orders, and a 175 percent increase in average order value. In addition, People Magazine, Fox News, and a large food distributor contacted them while the video ads ran. “The most exclusive food delivery network in the country engaged me after seeing our Instagram feed,” says Josh Silverman, Marketing and Technology Operations Manager for Cupcake Market. “Static images alone could never create this kind of opportunity.”

More Instagram Video Ad Results

These stories aren’t isolated. Animoto has seen more and more customers achieving success with Instagram video advertising. For example, Nohohon Tea drove foot traffic and sales through Instagram ads. Like A Local Tours and Nest Homeware have similarly used video on Instagram with impressive results.

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