Freshworks Brings Context to Collaboration with Freshconnect

New Solution Empowers Cross Departmental Customer Engagement Teams to Collaborate Where They Work

Freshworks, the global leader in customer engagement cloud software, announced the launch of Freshconnect, a new contextual collaboration solution for support and sales teams. Immediately available to Freshdesk and Freshsales users, the new collaboration tool makes it easy for customer-facing and internal teams to work more efficiently with each other on customer issues and sales deals.

Unlike most internal messaging and chat platforms, Freshconnect provides users with real-time customer information throughout the collaboration process, so that context is never lost. With Freshconnect, communication threads are instantly tied to the customer’s tickets or deals which initiated the thread, with all communications automatically saved as part of the customer record. As a result, customer service teams are able to speed up issue resolution and deliver an exceptional and seamless experience because all communications become part of the 360-degree customer view.

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“Today, collaboration at work happens around specific tasks, such as resolving a customer issue or closing a deal. And yet the tools most businesses use do not reflect this reality, often prioritizing lengthy, irrelevant conversations over customer context,” said Girish Mathrubootham, CEO and founder of Freshworks. “Freshconnect solves this problem by providing immediate historical data that is updated in real time for anyone invited to collaborate on a task. By putting context at the center of our tools, teams can serve their customers in a more effective, streamlined way.”

With Freshconnect, businesses can enable effective and productive collaboration across their support and sales teams by:

  • Ensuring agent and collaborator alignment. With Freshconnect, the entire history of the ticket and discussion is available to both Freshdesk users and collaborators, unlike other collaboration tools where this information is shared partially by copy pasting information and links.
  • Emphasizing context vs. conversations. Freshconnect threads are organized by customer context instead of by teams, which is what usually occurs in standalone tools. While team-based threads offer the ability for quick, simultaneous discussions, valuable context can quickly be lost. With Freshconnect, users can easily track separate discussions spawned from the initial ticket or deal and can be viewed with comprehensive context at any time instead of being lost in a long thread of different issues.

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  • Enabling focused discussions. Freshconnect makes communications more efficient by focusing users only on the task at hand. Collaborators can view only the discussions they have been invited to and don’t need to sort through the noise of separate, unrelated conversations.

Pricing and availability

Freshconnect is available now at no cost to existing Freshdesk and Freshsales customers. In the future, Freshconnect will be extended into other Freshworks products.

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