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Spotlight on Podcasting as a Viable Marketing Channel for Business

While podcasts have been around for quite some time, 2019 appears to be the year they will gain more traction as a viable marketing tool – for any size business. One of the chief advantages of a podcast, aside from the relatively inexpensive entry threshold, is that there’s plenty of whitespace in podcasting to become an authoritative voice in your business’s industry. That’s because, to date, most businesses have failed to invest in podcasting as part of their social media toolkit, leaving the playing field wide open for a…

Westwood One Adds Nielsen’s National Media Impact To Its Audio Insights Platform

Westwood One to Utilize Nielsen National Media Impact to Quantify the Effect of Adding Network Radio to Television Media Plans Nielsen announced that Westwood One has expanded its relationship with Nielsen to license the national version of Nielsen Media Impact (NMI) powered by Nielsen's Total Media Fusion.  Nielsen Media Impact is a cross-platform media planning and optimization solution that helps clients understand total campaign reach, frequency, and duplication using advanced audience segments. NMI will enable…