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Strengthening the Partnership: 3 Ways Agencies Can Better Guide Their Clients

Marketers today have more of everything: more consumer touchpoints, more platforms, more data—and consequently more pressure to deliver short-term results. As a result of these converging forces, we’ve seen an appreciable swing in recent years away from established principles of brand growth and toward short-term thinking and decision-making that is counter to what will truly build a brand. For agencies, charged with the thoughtful stewardship of their clients’ brands, a shift away from proven Marketing principles and to a…

Scroll Free September; An Ode to Mental Health

The Purpose of Scroll Free September Aims to Slowly Detach Us from Social Media. the Public Health Body Urges People to Take Back Control and Abstain from the Fixation Segregating months for abstinence is a dutiful attempt which is made by most to fulfill an aim. The Royal Society for Public Health is the mastermind behind the campaign “Scroll Free September”. Scroll Free September was launched with the aim of reducing social media usage with an attempt to curb addiction. Scroll Free September works to reduce the use…