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LADbible Group Teams up With Jimmy Carr to Launch LADx in First Ever B2B Campaign

LADx is LADbible Group’s latest digital video advertising offering, that seeks to address key industry concerns such as wasted ad-spend and transparency head on LADbible Group, the world’s largest and most engaged social publisher, has launched LADx, a revolutionary streaming-based video advertising format, in its first ever B2B media campaign starring comedian Jimmy Carr. The campaign created by LADbible Group’s marketing team and in-house creative agency Joyride, is running in the UK from today, across social media,…

TechBytes with Malcolm Koh, Customer Experience Strategist APAC at Zendesk

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Zendesk. As the Customer Experience Strategist and Customer-in-Residence for the Asia Pacific (APAC), my role is to step into the shoes of current and future Zendesk customers and partners to get a deep understanding of their business. This allows me to help them figure out how to optimize their customer experience (CX) strategy in ways that matter to their business. I start by understanding their CX strategy and then analyzing their business operations and…