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Yext Releases “Milky Way” Search Algorithm Update, Leveraging BERT

The milestone upgrade introduces powerful features that improve businesses' ability to answer customer questions with Yext Answers Yext, Inc., the Search Experience Cloud company, announced "Milky Way," the latest upgrade to the natural language processing (NLP) algorithm that powers Yext Answers, Yext's revolutionary site search product. Marketing Technology News: Talkdesk Named a Leader by Independent Research Firm for Cloud-Contact-as-a-Service Providers Headlining this milestone update is the adoption of…

How BERT Will Affect SEOs in 2020

Whether just beginning to learn about SEO or you're an active professional, it’s not difficult to see that the industry changes quickly. And one of the current shifts we’re witnessing is a lot of commotion on BERT. No, I’m not talking about the iconic Sesame Street character (though they might be happy about the search increase). I mean Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT). So if you are curious to learn a little bit more about BERT, or how to explain it to clients, then read on for a quick recap…