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Brian Kim

GumGum Sports: Women’s World Cup Unused In-Stadia Space Could Have Netted Sponsor $1 Million Per Match Value

Latest measurement data shows that Nike & Visa won big sponsoring the global tournament, but an unsponsored stadium wall would have delivered the most sponsorship value Using its unique computer-vision platform, GumGum Sports analyzed three U.S. Women’s National Team matches at the recent World Cup, measuring sponsorship media value for all in-stadia sponsor logo placements appearing across traditional broadcast (television) and social media. The result was surprising: A non-sold area with no sponsor logo present –…

L.A. Lakers Partner Wish Jumps to No. 1 in Earned Social Media Value Among NBA Jersey Patch Sponsors

Gumgum Sports’ Latest Computer Vision Analysis Also Found That Playoff Run Generated $10 Million for Jersey Patch Sponsors of Finals Teams and That Still Images Produce Higher-Quality Jersey Patches Exposures Than Videos GumGum Sports released its much-anticipated social media valuation insights for the 2018-19 NBA season, finding that Los Angeles Lakers jersey patch sponsor Wish generated the highest sponsor media value across team owned-and-operated team accounts. The computer vision-powered sponsorship valuation…