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Chad Engelgau

TechBytes with Chad Engelgau, VP, Data Product Management, Acxiom

Chad Engelgau VP, Global Identity and Data Product Management, Acxiom Enterprise Customer Data is a critical resource in this age of data-driven marketing. Chad Engelgau, VP, Global Identity and Data Product Management, Acxiom, spoke to us about the challenges in centralizing data and how enterprise customer data could be leveraged to deliver personalization at scale.Tell us about your role at Acxiom and the team/technology you handle. I am the VP of Product and Marketing at Acxiom Marketing Services. My team sets the…

Acxiom Global Data Navigator Tool Unveiled for Enhanced Visibility into Global Audiences

Acxiom Extends Lead in Global Data with New Offerings for Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy Acxiom has announced the availability of its Global Data Navigator tool for the US and international marketers. Acxiom Global Data Navigator tool marks the continued expansion of Acxiom global data coverage into Brazil, the Netherlands, and Italy. How Brand Marketers and Agencies Could Benefit from Acxiom Global Data Navigator Tool  Currently, Acxiom has the most expansive and compliant data offering in the world, which now…