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Chemi Katz

TechBytes with Chemi Katz, Co-Founder and CEO, Namogoo

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle. I am Co-Founder and CEO of Namogoo, the company leading the fight against Online Journey Hijacking — a rapidly growing challenge facing e-commerce brands. We have 100 employees across our offices in Israel, Boston and London. To date, we’ve raised $29 million in investments and are working with over 100 of the world’s largest online brands by protecting their digital investments. Amongst our customers, you can find Asics, Tumi, Dollar Shave Club, Argos, Office…

Is Safari Safer than Chrome? New Data Report Reveals Insights on Online Journey Hijacking and its Effects on eCommerce

Findings Cover Desktop and Mobile Web Sessions in US and Europe Across a Variety of Ecommerce Sites Namogoo, the company leading the fight against Online Journey Hijacking – a rapidly growing challenge facing eCommerce brands – released its latest Benchmark Report for 2018. The key findings provide a comprehensive look at a growing but little-known problem that affects 15-25 percent of all user web sessions and costs eCommerce brands hundreds of millions in revenue. Online Journey Hijacking is a rapidly growing phenomenon…