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Diary Entry from Cannes Lions 2019: Why Everyone Was Talking About ‘Connectivity’

Consumers are more discerning than ever about sharing their data. According to a DoubleVerify study released at Cannes Lions, 71% of consumers share less data with brands today than they did a year ago. Everything from fake news to data scandals from walled gardens like Facebook have compelled audiences to become savvier, smarter and stingier about providing data online. As a result, companies like Apple, Mozilla and Google are prioritizing privacy controls for their browsers. At Cannes Lions, this is something every…

LinkedIn Has Reportedly Reached 575 Million Members

LinkedIn Has Provided a Breakdown of Its Audience, Exactly Contextualizing the Regions in Which the Social Media Platform Is Most Popular LinkedIn, the professional social network has reported having reached 575 Million users worldwide. LinkedIn has also provided a breakdown of its audience, thus showcasing the regions where the platform is widely recognized. Last April, LinkedIn reached its 500 Million user mark which means LinkedIn has taken a time period of 16 months to add another 75 Million users to its platform.…