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Cris Kuehl

How Brands Can Successfully Marry Data Analytics with the Human Touch to Improve CX

Nearly half of U.S. employees say their company has embedded AI into their standard business processes, and more than half of employees fear that they’ll lose their jobs to advanced automation and robots. However, in the midst of the chatter around how AI may be taking jobs away, we’re neglecting a very important discussion: how can AI actually improve jobs? This is a particularly necessary conversation for brands and marketers looking to use technology to boost sales or reduce customer churn, but what areas are important…

TechBytes with Cris Kuehl, VP of Analytics and Client Insights at Sitel Group

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Sitel Group. As the VP of Analytics and Client Insights, I lead a team of Data Experts responsible for the development and execution of data-driven campaigns to improve the customer journey. Leveraging deep contact center data derived from every touchpoint on the customer journey, I get under the hood of customer experience (CX) programs to better understand client challenges, successes, and areas for growth opportunities. At Sitel Group, which technologies…