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Declining Trust in Social Media Giants Affecting Consumer Purchase Decisions, New Data Released By Outbrain Ahead of Cyber Weekend Shows

Outbrain, the world's leading discovery and native advertising platform on the open web, released new Cyber Weekend data highlighting the shift in trust between social media and consumers compared with the impact of quality news environments. Although COVID-19 and the global recession have accelerated the shift of consumer buying to digital channels, data shows consumers’ lack of trust toward the largest digital powerhouses in the world, including Facebook. 46% of consumers trust premium news sites as a preferred source of…

Brands Lacking A Privacy-First Culture Risk Losing Customer Trust

New CMO Council Research Finds Marketers at the Epicenter of the Trust Economy and Customer Data Privacy Customer trust and data privacy go hand-in-hand, but too many marketers don't understand what's involved in this digital handshake — nor what's at stake. A data breach can reduce a company's bottom line to shreds and tarnish its brand reputation for years. The sheer amount of personal digital data – from financial records to facial recognition – flooding corporate networks has customers ready to flee brands that lose…