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Daniel Kravtsov

Interview with Daniel Kravtsov, CEO, Improvado

"Talented people should not be wasting their time spreadsheeting. They should be spending their time analyzing data, optimizing campaigns, and developing new strategies."Tell us about your role and how you got here? What inspired you to co-found a technology company? I founded four companies back in Russia and had two successful exits, one in the adtech space. I moved out to San Francisco and started a trading desk with a small team. But after hundreds of meetings with digital media agencies and businesses, we discovered… Secures $3 Million Seed Round from Martech Brands Is Aiming to Help Marketers Aggregate, Analyze and Report Cross-Channel Marketing Data, an early stage MarTech company that is working to simplify the way marketers and ad agencies interact with data, today announced it has closed a $3 million Seed round of funding. Early investors include executives from some of the most recognizable brands in the marketing world including Liveramp, Google, Oracle, Adroll, Pubmatic, Mediamath and many more. 15 of the biggest names in marketing invest heavily in…