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TechBytes with Chad Engelgau, VP, Data Product Management, Acxiom

Chad Engelgau VP, Global Identity and Data Product Management, Acxiom Enterprise Customer Data is a critical resource in this age of data-driven marketing. Chad Engelgau, VP, Global Identity and Data Product Management, Acxiom, spoke to us about the challenges in centralizing data and how enterprise customer data could be leveraged to deliver personalization at scale.Tell us about your role at Acxiom and the team/technology you handle. I am the VP of Product and Marketing at Acxiom Marketing Services. My team sets the…

TechBytes with Mark Bloom, Director, Product Marketing, Zendesk

Mark Bloom Director, Product Marketing, Zendesk Recently, Zendesk launched their Enterprise Workflow and Collaboration tools to help businesses build and manage their digital transformation journey by changing the way they interact with the customers and partners. In a rapidly transforming omnichannel marketing ecosystem, attribution and technology models can become very complex. To better understand how businesses can leverage Zendesk Suite for omnichannel marketing, we spoke to the company's Director of Product…