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GDPR 2nd Anniversary: Take a Tall Stance in 2020

25 May 2018-- a historic day in the world of doing ethical business. On this day, in 2018, the European Union finally implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the last 2 years of its existence, GDPR has been seen as a concerted effort toward building a secured user data privacy ecosystem, harmonizing the laws of privacy with user management, business goals and cybersecurity. In January 2020, we saw an overwhelming response to the introduction of CCPA as well. Together, GDPR and CCPA are seen as steps…

Axiomatics Presents Data Security Trends Emerging in 2020

More Data, Modern Technologies and New Regulations Mean Data Security is a Top Priority for IT Professionals in the Future Axiomatics, the leader in externalized, fine-grained dynamic authorization, released its annual trends that are now developing in the data security landscape. Axiomatics’ data security specialists assembled this year’s trends highlighting new techniques large enterprises are using to secure an ever-increasing amount of data. In fact, according to this report, enterprises could produce as much as 90…