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Dedrone and BlackBerry Partner to Counter Unauthorized Drone Activity

BlackBerry Limited announced it has partnered with Dedrone, a market and technology leader in airspace security, to deliver advanced counter-drone technology to secure the world’s most critical sites.  As part of this embedded technology partnership, Dedrone is integrating BlackBerry AtHoc software into its products to enable real-time secure alerts when a malicious or unauthorized drone is detected in an airspace. “When an unauthorized drone enters restricted airspace, time is of the essence. The more effectively the…

MarTech Interview with Alex Fly, Founder and CEO at Quickpath

"Machine Learning excels at taking all rich signals, detecting patterns within them, and providing algorithms to optimize outcomes to the desired target." Could you tell us about your journey through technology? What made you found Quickpath? I’ve been working in AI for the past 20 years, and prior to starting Quickpath, my co-founder, Trent McDaniel, and I worked in a consulting capacity. We realized that many businesses faced similar challenges when implementing Machine Learning projects, so we wanted to create software…