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Interview with Stephen Wakeling, Founder and CEO, Phobio

"It is essential to create robust knowledge bases that drive operational efficiencies, scalability and growth that can be automated through AI."Tell us about your role at Phobio and how you got here. What galvanized you to start the company? As a founding CEO of a boot-strapped, high-growth company, my role has continually evolved on what seems like a daily basis. Over the last decade so much has happened that got me here today, though, I think it could be broken down into two primary phases – starting it and running it.…

Dropbox IPO: An Enlightened Friday For The US Tech Industry

At the High End of the Indicated Pricing, It Could Raise Nearly $650 Million, Making It the Largest Tech IPO Since Snap Hit the Market Last year, we had predicted that Dropbox would be a fascinating IPO story of the tech industry. And then, it came true. The cloud storage and work collaboration company went public on Friday. Within hours, incubator YC saw a whopping 40 percent jump in Dropbox's expected share price. It was a delight to see Dropbox flashing at NASDAQ with the ticker symbol “DBX”. Dropbox is the first-ever…